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Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

Hola!This week went much better than the last! Today it´s like a blizzard outside! We went to the National Park, which is why I am sending this later than normal. It was awesome, but very very wet haha. I´ll have to send pictures.I am just now today finally feeling completely better from that virus I got. Today is the first day that all of my food left in a normal fashion... If you get what I´m saying ;). My companion goes home in two weeks! She leaves for Buenos Aires Christmas day! Crazy! I´m not sure what´s going to happen because transfers aren´t until the tuesday after, and so my new companion won´t likely be here until the tuesday after, so I don´t know what President will have me do. Maybe they´ll assign me a mini missionary or maybe they´ll have me stay with a sister in the ward. I don´t know. Normally I would just go stay with other hermanas in the zone or whatever, but the closest hermanas are in Rio Gallegos which is not exactly close... you have to fly there! So, I´ll let ya know about that later... haha.As for calling on Christmas, yes you have to call me and I will be at Silvia´s house. Her number is 430847. The area code for Tierra del Fuego is 2901 and for Argentina is 54. I believe it would be 54-2901-430847. That´s a land line. If that doesn´t work for some reason, which I don´t think will happen, you can call 54-2966-15-350329 which is a cell phone. I hope that makes sense... If not let me know and I´ll clarify. I´m not positive about the time, because my companion has to be taken to the airport in the afternoon, but for now, let´s say 7pm here. I´ll confirm next week. I think here is 5 hours ahead? Not sure. Right now It´s almost 5pm. I can´t wait to talk to ya´ll!!!!This week, President changed our daily schedule and now we are shifted half an hour. We don´t go to bed til 11 and we get up at 7. He changed it because it´s light very late and there are more people the find and teach later. (People here sleep in insanely late). This week we found a great family that was a reference from some members. They are going to get baptized as soon as they get married! They have 2 kids that are older than 8 as well! I´m excited for that. We have a lot of investigators that are leaving to Bolivia for the holidays. I think that in January and February we will see lots more baptisms when they return and just the way things are going. My companion is very excited to go home. We have to keep the focus, which is not always easy, but has to be done so we can keep having success here! We are teaching a lady right now that has a date for Christmas day, but she also still has to get married, so we will be working hard with her. I´ll keep ya´ll posted on that. :)I am almost done reading the Book of Mormon. I am in Moroni 8. This time in spanish. I love the Book of Mormon! I love Moroni 7 that talks about the attributes of Christ (faith, hope, charity), that we should all strive to develop in our lives. I am personally working on patience right now. I recommend having an attribute every week that you can focus on developing in your lives!Love,Hermana Jones

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