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jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

We dropped Haley off at the MTC at 1 PM yesterday. Darren I had flown down with her Tuesday afternoon, did a session in the Salt Lake temple Tuesday night and then prepared for the "drop-off" Wed. morning. We did have to return/exchange 2 of her suitcases which we had purchased just for her mission as they broke on the flight to SLC from Seattle but the Sister Missionary Mall stood behind them, replaced them, and hopefully they will wear better the rest of her mission.

As we pulled up to the curb at the MTC, there were many smiling Elders standing there to greet the new missionaries. They got her suitcases out of the car and were very kind and friendly to her and to us. They seemed excited that she was going to Argentina. They told her they had been there for 2 1/2 weeks and loved it there and told her she would love it there too! They enthusiastically said Elder Holland had been there the day before and that there were a lot of sisters there right now. We gave her tearful hugs and then they walked her inside taking her bags for her and showing her where to go. They were such gentlemen...some mothers somewhere in the church can be proud of the sons they have raised! We then got back in the car and pulled away feeling impressed that she was being cared for and supported by the priesthood in a very literal way! We pulled into another parking lot and cried for a few minutes but then decided that everything had gone as well as could be expected and that it was a little tender mercy of the Lord to let us know how she was going to be taken care of by the Elders and the Lord her whole mission.

I hope we can raise Trevor to be the kind of examplary gentleman and priesthood holder that we witnessed at the MTC yesterday. The kids are missing her a lot already, Trevor wrote and mailed his first letter to her yesterday! We keep wondering aloud what she is doing at each moment. I'm sure she is excited and learning and doing great things!

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  1. This was posted by Ann Marie. I am new to the blog thing so will hopefully get better at it as the mission goes on.

  2. Thanks so much for the update and pictures! We'll love experiencing this mission through modern technology -- Blogs & email are fantastic! We'll pray for Haley every day!

  3. Great update. We are proud of her. It was nice seeing you guys last weekend. Thanks for all the food. - Dan

  4. This is all very exciting for her! I'm anxious to hear how her mission compares to Venezuela.